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Home Insurance Pitfalls

"Our garage melted (or at least the siding did) when somebody lit our large plastic trash receptacle on fire. The fire department came and put it out while we slept without even knocking to tell us our garage had melted."

"A dog chewed off a sump pump connection, resulting in water shooting out like a geyser all over the basement whenever the pump was activated. This went unnoticed by the homeowner just long enough for mildew and mold to start developing."

Toyota & Auto Recalls

"I love my Honda Accord. I've got a V6 so I can get out of tight spots on the highway, no blind spots, and when I was in an accident I walked away unharmed."

No-Fault Auto Insurance

"Minnesota's insurance requirements SUCK. They are seriously inadequate."

Driving & Cell Phones

"I have seen my share of people on their cell phones that should focus on their driving. The most interesting sight I have seen - during a bad snowstorm on I35, heading north to Duluth, a man in a Hummer flew past me going too fast for conditions. He of course was on his cell phone as I glanced at him whizzing by. Within a second he was in the ditch; he continued to off-road in the median and then got back on the Interstate. Not sure if the snowstorm caused him to go off the road, or his inability to multitask while talking on the phone. I'm just thankful he didn't kill anyone in the process."

April iPod Winner

Congratulations Mike Edman, Cottage Grove, Minnesota!

Quiz Answers

Home Insurance Quiz

(X indicates correct answer)

When you take out a mortgage on a house, your lending institution will require that you buy home insurance?

X True     False     Only if you are a credit risk  

If a deer busts through your picture window and destroys several valuable possessions while galloping around your house, will you be covered by your home insurance?

X Yes, I would be covered.    
- No, animal damage is considered "an act of God"  
- Only if you live in Wisconsin where this happens all the time  

Are you liable for a party guest who leaves your house and causes damage or injury in a car crash?

- Yes, I am  
- No, I'm not
X Depends on what state I live in (but the answer is yes in most states)     

What if someone crashes their car into your house? Will the damage be covered?

X Yes, it will be   - No, it won't  

How often should you review your home insurance policy?

X At purchase     X After major improvements     X Every few years  
X All of the above

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