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<< Zack's Story

<< 13-year-old Zackery Lystedt collapsed on a football field with a severe brain injury. He had just returned to play after suffering a mild concussion earlier in the game. Two years later, the Washington State Legislature passed the Lystedt Law, the first in the country mandating specific protocol for managing a youth athlete after a concussion. Since then, more than 30 states have passed similar sports-related concussion laws, and several more have legislation pending. See a state-by-state overview here.

<<Tracy Kept Her Head Injury Quiet

Tracy describes what went through her mind after suffering a second concussion in girl's basketball. A competitive player who believed you just had to "suck it up" after an injury, Tracy didn't tell her trainer she felt dizzy and nauseous when a key game came up two days later. Watch Tracy's story first and then read /download other survivor stories here.

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<<ESPN Outside the Lines and Max's Story

Max Conradt was a star high school quarterback on his way to an Ivy League school when he collapsed at halftime during a game his senior year, struck down by a severe brain injury. Doctors determined he had a concussion during a game a week earlier, and that he hadn't healed. Max, his dad and other experts talk about the failure on several levels in youth sports to prevent these devastating injuries.



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