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Let America Know is like a Ferrari sitting in a garage just waiting for lawyers to take it out for a drive. It's a great newsletter, but it is an even better tool to help fire up your presence on social media.

Mitch Jackson
California Trial Attorney, LAK Member

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Let America Know™ is a powerful e-marketing tool that connects you and your clients with a compelling, customized e-newsletter called You Should Know. Let America Know is also a counter voice to the massive disinformation campaign aimed at our profession. As a trial lawyer, you owe it to yourself – and your future – to find out more. Watch our three-minute Online Demo.

The American Association for Justice Thinks You Should Join Let America Know


Let America Know and the American Association for Justice recently presented a 30-minute webinar showcasing the messaging and marketing potential of
Let America Know. The program was led by former AAJ Director of Communications Jared Saylor and LAK founder Art Kosieradzki. Longtime LAK members Mitch Jackson, a noted California trial attorney and social media guru, along with Jeff Pitman, successful trial attorney and former President of the Wisconsin Association for Justice, talked about how they use Let America Know to engage with clients, past clients, referral sources and the American public.

Hundreds of trial lawyers from across the country learned how to promote their practices and the profession across multiple email and social media platforms by leveraging the health, safety and civil justice messages found in the Let America Know newsletters. Now you can too. Watch the webinar here.

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