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<< Casey's Story

Casey Feldman was just 21-years-old when she was struck and killed by a distracted driver in 2009. Casey was a pedestrian in a crosswalk during daylight hours. A college senior at Fordham University in New York—Casey died five hours later. The driver was reaching across the center console for a drink when Casey was struck. Watch Casey's story, the first video in the Faces of Distracted Driving series from www.distraction.gov. Also read the blog posted by her father, Joel Feldman, at EndDD, the organization inspired by Casey.

<<The Last Word

This public service announcement from the Miami-Dade Expressway Authority takes a unique approach to educating people about distracted driving by focusing on the emotional toll for those who are affected by these tragedies. Matt Richtel, the reporter who covers distracted driving for the New York Times, said in his blog, "This [video] suggests the meter has moved a bit on perceptions on this issue," and that "awareness ... is becoming even more commonplace than it was a few years ago." It also highlights the role adults can play in setting an example for their children by driving without distractions.

<<RU Lethal: A Bold Web Show for Teens

The best way to describe RU Lethal is in their own words: "R U Lethal is a kick ass web show brought to you by the brilliant people at Impact Teen Drivers in cooperation with the California Office of Traffic Safety, RADD and California Casualty. This show is designed to convey potentially life saving messages without being mind numbingly boring in the process." For kids who are too cool to listen to adults, this might be one way to reach them.

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