The Results Are In

The 2015 Justice Served Award

The 2015 Justice Served winner is... Dr. John T. James for his work documenting medical mistakes. First Runner-up is Dr. Stephen Loyd for his work pushing for doctor drug testing. Here is how the rest of our nominees placed:

  1. Dr John T. James - Documenting Medical Mistakes
  2. Dr. Stephen Loyd - Doctor Drug Testing
  3. Reggie McKinnon - Kids in Hot Cars
  4. Amy Van Dyken-Rouen - Spinal Cord Injuries

Reader Wins I-Pod, Others Speak Out

We also want to congratulate Michele M., winner of our drawing for a free i-Pod Shuffle. Here's what she said about this year's nominees:

My fiancé died while under the care of a doctor with a known drug addiction. I have worked tirelessly to change policy regarding substance abusing physicians. A doctor like Dr. Loyd coming forward as a former substance abusing doctor lobbying for drug testing of doctors brings much needed attention to an issue that can impact countless patients. Dr. James' work is worthy of recognition as his research gave us a better idea of how many people die from medical mistakes annually.
– Michele M.

Nice job Michele. Here are a few other notable comments from the many we received:

As a victim of permanent medical harm in a medical system of "deny and defend", it is ultimately important to expose the extent of medical harm. Preventable medical harm is vastly un-reported and under-reported. Dr James work provides evidence that preventable medical harm is the third leading cause of death in this country.
– Linda A.

It is scary to think that doctors that are treating patients are on drugs. we do not realize it, since their addiction is not transparent. This definitely needs to be addressed. I applaud Dr. Stephen Loyd for taking the initiative in helping the "Doctor's drug testing" since he has been in that situation and realizes the harm he could have done!!

Everyone needs to see a Dr. sooner or later, I would like to know they are in their right mind before an examination. Kids left in hot cars shows a lack of common sense in parents. Medical mistakes are hidden from society and need to be brought out openly to the public. And ones with spinal cord injuries need to know they are not alone in their fight to feel human again. I, know this one well because my father has been disabled for 40 years with a spinal cord injury. Richard T.

Very thoughtful and compelling comments! Thanks to all of you who participated in this year's awards.