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Six Tips for Shopping Smart
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Fighting Back One Lawyer, One Client at a Time

Let America Know was founded to counter the propaganda campaign waged against the civil justice system by various political and corporate interests. Our goal is to build a motivated grassroots constituency by energizing clients, past clients, referral sources and fellow advocates. The Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa trial lawyer associations are already major supporters of Let America Know, and many more are interested. In addition, the newsletter has proved to be a highly effective personal marketing tool. Follow the link below to our archive page. Online demos are also available.

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Dangerous Toys: Lists and Tips
Protect Kids by Shopping Smart

An unprecedented number of toy recalls in 2007 (45 million) prompted Congress to overhaul the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). Progress has been made, including the planned launch in March of SaferProducts.gov, a new database for tracking actual incidents with unsafe products, including dangerous toys. Nevertheless, way too many bad apples still get by, causing an average of 228,000 emergency room visits each year (2005 to 2009). So bottom line: buy smart. Here are six tips to get you started:

  • Consider age, interests and skill level. A bad toy fit can be dangerous. Follow the label’s age and safety information, and be alert to toddlers getting into toys purchased for older siblings.

  • Location, Location, Location! The right toy in the wrong place can be trouble. Avoid play areas near traffic, pools or ponds for ride-on toys, and consider blocking off kitchens and bathrooms.

  • Don’t forget the helmet if you buy a bike, scooter or sports-related gift for a kid. “It’s a necessity, not an accessory.”

  • Choking is still the leading cause of death related to toys. Avoid any toy small enough to fit entirely into a choke tube tester (if you have one) or a toilet paper tube (if you don’t).

  • 10 minutes now could save a lot of heartache later. Browse the unsafe toy lists shown below. Download this shopper's brochure.

  • Steer clear of soft plastic toys, those that say they contain PVC and metal costume jewelry – all top suspects for unsafe levels of lead and phthalates.

Dangerous Toys You Should Avoid


2010 Unsafe Toys, U.S. PIRG
A dress-up tiara coated with lead, a smiley Dora backpack with dangerous chemical phthalates on the mouth, a baby’s first train set with pegs that can cause choking… all of these toys and more are highlighted in the 25th Annual Trouble in Toyland Survey from U.S. PIRG. Click here to download


2010 “10 Worst Toys” List
Stilts marketed to kids as young as five risk head injuries. Double-barrel dart guns endanger eyes. Powerful oval-shaped magnets threaten severe internal injuries if swallowed by toddlers. This is the 39th annual installment of this list published by World Against Toys Causing Harm (WATCH), a consumer advocacy group founded by a Boston trial lawyer.
Click here to view


CPSC Toy Recall List
Every toy recall issued by the Consumer Product Safety Commission since 1974 is listed here. Notices include product name and manufacturer, picture, safety violation and where the toy was sold. Click here to view

Party Winners & Toy Safety Survey
See winning party suggestions from last month’s survey, and share your thoughts on holiday season toy safety.
You Should Know Podcast
Experts talk about the issues featured each month in You Should Know.

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