Hi, I'm Art, a trial attorney for one of the leading PI firms in Minnesota and co-founder of Let America Know. As a trial attorney, I'm stunned at how fast covid has cleared the streets.

Across the nation, we're seeing fewer accidents, fewer injuries, fewer non-covid hospital visits, etc. Leads and cases are grinding to a halt...

None of us could have prepared for this. Yet, we can position ourselves to capture the pent up demand that will surface post-crisis if we act NOW.

This is a defining moment for most practices...

The decisions you make TODAY are going to put you on a trajectory for better or worse.
That's why I want to tell you about a strategy that has made a BIG difference for my practice...

It's a big reason I’ve been able to accumulate over 50 client reviews for my practice.

It's a big reason my visibility in the market has climbed, and why pre-covid, my staff were overwhelmed with leads and calls.

It's a big part of how I've formed and maintained essential relationships with my market...

We've spent over a year creating and refining a special trial attorney-specific marketing program.
It's been battle-tested by myself and a handful of other trial attorneys who were anxious to get in early and help us refine.
We were going to release it in June, but given the current situation, I believe it's our "responsibility" to share the program
with up to 30 additional trial attorneys IMMEDIATELY (that's all we have capacity to handle right now)...

Here's a typical experience shared
by one of our members

I joined Let America Know in 2013, right after it was endorsed by the New Jersey Association for Justice. The newsletter is outstanding, so I immediately jumped on the social media program. They've exceeded my expectations once again. Case in point: One call to LAK for help on our law firm's response to COVID-19 and we had a custom email and social posts out there within 24 hours. I'll say it again as I've said for years: LAK is a no-brainer for any trial lawyer serious about marketing his or her practice in the digital age. - Scott Leonard

Introducing LAKconnect, the custom social media and email marketing
program created EXCLUSIVELY for trial attorneys...

LAKconnect is powered by our award-winning content focused on the health, safety, and legal rights of Americans and supplemented with custom content about YOUR practice.

For over a decade, we've honed our content to inform, provide value, and capture attention. That's why hundreds of LAK members throughout the country leverage Let America Know to stay in front of over 400,000 Americans every month.

Over the years, several state trial lawyer associations and the American Association for Justice have partnered with Let America Know to help guide editorial planning and promote our program to their memberships...

Here's what you get with LAKconnect...

Beyond the insight provided by a trial attorney at the helm of our program, the content mastery of a 30- year marketing and communications veteran, and the wizardry behind the decade-long success of our newsletter program, LAKconnect includes these essential components...

Award-Winning Let America Know Newsletter

For over a decade, hundreds of lawyers throughout the nation have trusted their name and reputation with Let America Know. Stay top-of-mind with our award-winning newsletter, delivered month after month to your most critical referral sources – clients, past clients and other professionals.

Social Media Management Across 4 platforms

LAKconnect gives you a professional and engaging presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. You’ll enjoy messaging that ALWAYS reflects positively on your practice while growing your digital network.

Google My Business

Weekly Google My Business Posts

Google My Business is the critical online entry point from Google search to your practice. Customized LAKconnect Google posts are designed to generate instant credibility and help drive visitors to your website … and get your phone ringing.

8 Newsletter-Powered Posts per Month

Compelling posts curated from your Let America Know newsletter automatically appear twice a week in the social media accounts of your choice. Each post focuses on the health, safety and legal rights of your followers with links and images included. This allows you to stay top-of-mind while providing relevant content your audience cares about.

4 Custom Posts per Month About YOUR Practice

One monthly strategy meeting with our law-firm marketing experts to discuss customized posts from your practice -That's more than enough to allow us to promote your accomplishments, your public service activities, your events … really anything that boosts engagement and better connects you with your followers. If you’re short on time, we can get details from you by email at your convenience and we’ll work our magic to make your practice shine.

All of this for a price that a solo practitioner can afford but delivered with skill and experience that rivals big-dollar digital agencies. Plus, we limit the number of accounts we take on so we never lose the personal touch Let America Know is known for.

When you sign up today…


Optional Monthly Call

You can schedule a monthly call or email us about what's new or what you want to highlight about yourself or your practice in the coming month.

Marketing Webinars

As part of this program, you'll get access to "exclusive" digital marketing tips and strategies that are working NOW for plaintiff attorneys.

Campaign Kickstart

We'll get the details about your social presence, learn about your practice and audience, discuss your custom posts and answer all your questions.

And to help make this an EASY decision, we're also providing these LAK-exclusive resources when you sign up today...

Social Media Setup Guide for Professionals

See our exclusive recommendations for how to set up your social media. It's perfect for plaintiff attorneys.

15-Minute Referral Network Growth Plan

Discover how to use social media to grow your referral network in just 15-minutes a day.

Step-by-Step Guide to Humanize Your Social Feeds

A few simple tweaks and guiding principles to make your social media interactions more engaging.

5-Minute Client Review Process for Plaintiff Attorneys

Use this quick and easy process to get more reviews for your practice - works like a charm!

Choose your LAKconnect plan

There are no contracts. Choose a monthly plan, or save even more with an annual plan.
(Offer ends April 30th while seats remain)

Included in your plan...

Award-Winning Let America Know Newsletter

Stay top-of-mind with your most critical referral sources – clients, past clients and other professionals.

Social Media Management Across 4 platforms

Messaging across four platforms that ALWAYS reflects positively on your practice.

Weekly Google My Business Posts

Generate instant credibility and drive visitors to your website at the critical online entry point for Google search.

8 Newsletter-Powered Posts per Month

Relevant content from you Let America Know newsletter focuses on the health, safety and legal rights of your followers.

4 Custom Posts per Month About YOUR Practice

Promote your accomplishments, your public service activities, your cases ... anything that connects you with your followers.

Optional Monthly Call

Connect your marketing strategy and digital promotions with your social media during monthly planning sessions.

Monthly Marketing Webinars

Leverage social media best practices with LAK  staff  and special guest experts on the latest in digital marketing.

Campaign Kickstart

On-call support and bonus instructional guides  jumpstart your LAK social media campaign.

"I'll admit it. Before LAKconnect, I had no social media presence. Within days, they presented me with branding options that were a perfect fit for our law firm. A couple of suggestions and tweaks later, and our accounts were ready to go. If there is another LAKconnect out there as tightly connected to our profession, I'd be amazed … especially at this price point." - Jeff Adams


$495/mo (charged monthly)

Best Value


$450/mo (charged annually: $5,400)

LAK-Exclusive Resources...

    Receive these the moment you sign up.
  • Social Media Setup Guide for Professionals
  • 15-Minute Referral Network Growth Plan
  • Step-by-Step Guide to Humanize Your Social Feeds
  • 5-Minute Client Review Process for Plaintiff Attorneys


Are there any contracts or long-term commitments?

No, there are no contracts to sign or long-term commitments.

Let America Know serves hundreds of plaintiff attorneys throughout the country and most have been with us for many years. Once you see the program in action, we're confident you'll be a long-term member as well.

Get started today with confidence that you can cancel any time, for any reason - or no reason at all.

I'm an existing LAK member, do I get a discount?


LAKconnect INCLUDES the newsletter. So once the program goes live for you, we'll stop billing the newsletter separately...saving you $49.95/mo.

You save over $700/yr when you sign up today and choose annual billing.

Can your service promote multiple locations, practices, or attorneys?

Promoting separate pages and sets of profiles per location, practice area, or attorney is a brilliant move.

It improves the relevance of your messaging to a more specific audience, increases your market/brand awareness, and helps you stay top-of-mind when your contacts have a case they want to start or refer.

Attorneys can have their own Google My Business profiles even if multiple attorneys work at the same location. Promoting to more than one GMB profile multiplies your exposure in Google Search and Maps.

Our bundle also adds the ability to "Boost" posts which broadens your reach and grows your audience faster.

We even provide feed monitoring, moderation, alerts, and replies to help you engage with your audience faster and protect your reputation.

Finally, another great reason to promote multiple attorneys, locations, or practice areas is that each additional set only adds an incremental fee for the same services.

Get started now and you'll have the option to add bundles of additional profiles and extra services for other attorneys, practice areas, or locations.

How much of my time will this program take month-to-month?

Our custom social media and email marketing program is designed to free up your time.

After the initial kickoff call to get your details, the program can run for you on auto-pilot.

Because our content is created for plaintiff attorneys like you (and hundreds of existing member attorneys throughout the country), you'll get an engaging online presence that reflects well on your practice.

Of course, you can send us a quick email anytime you win a case, achieve an award or recognition, or have something specific you want us to promote - and we'll include those in your monthly custom posts.

Get started today and let us save you time , build awareness, grow your network, and create an engaging social presence for you.

What if I don't have any social media profiles yet?

We provide you with special resources that offer step-by-step guidance on creating and humanizing your social presence.

However, if you need special help with the creation and initial setup of your social media profiles, we offer that service for a nominal extra fee and we can talk about that in your kickoff call.

Get started today and we'll make sure your social presence reflects well on your practice!

Will this generate leads and referrals?

It's the relationships you create and nurture with this program that we'll depend on for generating leads and referrals.

You want to be the name people think of first when a case comes up.

That means growing and staying top-of-mind with your referral base in a way that's mutually valuable.

That's where this program shines, and it is something you can't replicate with online advertising or SEO.

Get started today and let us build and nurture the referral network you'll depend on for leads and cases for years to come.