Customized Social Media

Lots of lawyers do social media, but very few lawyers do social media right. Instead of engaging visitors with information that speaks to THEIR interests, most law firm posts are ads dressed up to look like social media. Big turnoff, violating the “give-to-get” guiding principle of all successful social media strategies.

Discover our powerful social media and email marketing strategy specifically for plaintiff attorneys by clicking the button below and get started today.

A Powerful Done-for-You Strategy to Grow Your Digital Referral Network

LAKconnect combines award-winning content with an unmatched ability to articulate practice issues in ways that will ALWAYS reflect positively on you and your practice AND grow your digital referral network. Here’s how:

  • Social Media Management Across 4 Platforms
    Push the button on LAKconnect and create a professional and engaging presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.
  • 8 Newsletter-Powered Posts per Month
    Compelling posts curated from your Let America Know newsletter automatically appear twice a week in the social media accounts of your choice. Each post focuses on the health, safety and legal rights of your followers with links and images included.
  • 4 Custom Posts per Month About YOUR Practice
    One strategy meeting each month with our writers to discuss customized posts from your practice, your accomplishments, your public service activities, your events … really anything that boosts engagement and better connects you with your followers.
  • Weekly Google My Business Posts
    Google My Business is the critical online entry point from Google search to your law firm. Customized LAKconnect Google posts generate instant credibility and help drive visitors to your website, calls to your office and requests for directions.

Why Let America Know?

We’ve earned the trust and respect of the legal community after nearly a decade publishing e-newsletters for hundreds of plaintiff attorneys. With decades of experience in plaintiff attorney marketing and communication, we guarantee spot-on messaging that will cut through the clutter and position you as the go-to contact for future referrals.